Why do some people go to a conference once & leave with everything under the sun?

Why do others worry they didn’t take the right notes?

With that self discovery, what is the journey we truly want to take?

What is the quest we are on?

Do we know or have we been led?

Do we dare to ask the true questions of our life?

Melinda (J. Kelly) encourages us to all embrace the questions of our life.
In understanding the Power of the Question, each of us can find our unique personal answers.
And so, find and live our own true and authentic life.
In her publications she reflects upon her experiences and discoveries, and what she has found.

Author, Speaker,

Collaborator, Visionary, Mentor

Time to begin

If these questions ring true to you, please connect with us or explore these concepts by reading one of Melinda J Kelly's books. Together, we can realize and revitalize the dreams that make success and happiness a reality.

For Your Consideration

Melinda J. Kelly

In her compilations she joins with others to discuss the questions facing each of us.
In her speaking she addresses the shifts within each of us, and how the Power of Questions can enhance our personal, professional and emotional lives.
In her group discussions and programs, the Power of the Question is addressed thematically and in depth, to see where we are going and how not asking might hold us from our dreams.

Welcome, all.

Asking the Questions for a Better Life

Thank you for stopping by. 

My thought for the day - The greatest journey is the journey within.

Daily we look at a myriad of decisions that take us hopefully closer to our goals. 

But what if you are wondering where your goals are?

What if you realize you have misplaced your dream? 

Or your dream is an old one that no longer serves you or your needs.

At one point we all have this or a very similar thought. 

The question for each of us is where to from here?