Daily we make  decisions that take us hopefully closer to our goals. 

But what if you are wondering where your goals are?

What if you realize you have misplaced your dream

Or your dream is an old one that no longer serves you or your needs.

At one point we all have this or a very similar thought. 

The question for each of us is where to from here?

Have you come to a Crossroads in your life?

Why Struggle Alone?

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I encourage us all to embrace the questions of our life.
In understanding the Power of the Question,

each of us can find our unique personal answers.
Then we can find and live our own true and authentic life.
In my writing, coaching, and speaking, I reflect upon

my experiences and discoveries.

Melinda J. Kelly

It seems no matter how smoothly life goes, each of us will end up at a place where we are unsure of where to go next.  It’s called The Crossroads, and if you have experienced it, you know the power it has to distract you from your life.

Why go it alone?

Author, Speaker, Coach

Consultant, Visionary, Mentor

Asking the Questions for a Better Life