August 2019

We are all life long learners.

Sometimes we actually learn.  Sometimes we are so busy being so smart we outsmart ourselves.  We don't intend to do that, but we can't seem to help ourselves.

How we relate with other people in a coaching or one to one setting has roots in our childhoods and every moment there on.  Understanding how we react, why we react, allows us to get the best wisdom available.  And if you believe this is just in the coaching relationship, you might want to think again.  What we tend to do in our personal life we are doing in other areas of our life as well.

Naturally, how we process information is the next question.  And then armed with this self knowledge, we look towards success, fulfillment, happiness.

Perhaps we need to expand our understanding of that too.

Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within.  Learn how to find your self, your style, your smile.